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Infant Day Care in Jacksonville, FL

Take your child to an infant day care where he or she will be nurtured, treated well, and educated appropriately. Even at a young age, we can encourage the development of motor skills and show your child what appropriate play looks like. Bartram Academy is an infant day care in Jacksonville, FL, that is eco-friendly and dedicated to a lasting education for all children. It is important to note that our infant day care center is cloth diaper friendly.

Infant Day Care Center is Dedicated to the Environment

Because our facility is focused on a true sense of community, we take the time to pay special attention to the environment. Awareness of the environment is an integral part of staying committed to the community. The products and processes we use are safe, sustainable, and functional. To us, it is important for children to be in a green space because they are growing, learning to play, and learning to learn in our infant day care center. We want your child's body to develop without exposure to an environment that is bad for the respiratory system, the immune system, or the brain.
In fact, our center was built to meet all of the standards on the Go Green Rating Scale for early childhood learning centers. We earned an Outstanding on this scale which means we met health and safety standards for:

• Pesticides
• Air Quality
• Stewardship
• Green Living
• Cleaning Products
• Hygiene and Body Care Products
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A Warm, Loving Environment at Our Day Care for Infants

Trust us to respond to your child appropriately no matter what stage of life he or she is in. When it comes to day care for infants, we respond in a timely and loving manner. A warm response is important to us because it establishes a bond of trust and welcoming, even to a child that has not developed language yet. We have a stock of age appropriate toys that allows your infant to play and enjoy his or her waking time. From feeding to diapering and everything in between, the team at our infant day care center always responds lovingly, quickly, and more. Just as you work to establish a routine at home, our teachers and caregivers do the same during the day.

Bring your child to a dedicated, caring team at our infant day care center. Contact us today to get started and enrolled. We are proud to serve clients in Jacksonville, St. Johns, Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville Beach, and Neptune Beach, FL, as well as the surrounding communities.