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Fall Break Solutions in Jacksonville, FL

Do you worry about taking care of your child once school gets out? Instead of leaving your child with babysitters and worrying about progress on homework, turn to Bartram Academy for structured care with our fall break programs during school holidays. Our facility is able to accommodate children that are on fall break, spring break, and other holidays. We understand that just because your school-age children are on vacation does not mean you can take time off of work for these breaks. Expect structure and fun with our convenient, entertaining fall break solutions in Jacksonville, FL.

Fall Break Programs Keep Structure in Your Child's Day

While vacations are designed to give your child a refresh, it is tough to get back into school when you have fallen out of the routine. Our fall break programs allow for you to keep the daily structure of getting ready and leaving the house but still gives your child a mental break. You get the perks of being on time for work, not having to worry about your student forgetting the routine, and also exposing your child to an exciting new scenario. The destination is different than your traditional school setting but does not fully abandon the structure you have fought to maintain.

Because our fall break programs and other solutions for school vacations fill up quickly, we highly encourage you to reach out to us soon about your child. Don't miss your chance at getting a spot!

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Benefits of Choosing Our Fall Break Camp

Aside from the obvious benefit of not having to worry about your child while you are at work, our fall break camp provides you with a number of benefits. We don't forget that your child wants to enjoy this vacation but you also want to know he or she is safe and sound. Our team makes school breaks fun but still provides the consistency you want in child care solutions. The benefits of schedule a service with us at fall break camp include:

• The Opportunity to Make New Friends
• Exposure to a Safe, Ecofriendly Environment
• Allowing Your Child to Have Fun that is Supervised
• Studying a Specific Topic Depending on Student Preferences
• Access to Different Arts and Crafts
• Exploring the World through Artistic Expression
• Getting Healthy Meals for Your Child All Week Long
• Following a Clear Schedule that is Similar to a School Schedule

Schedule an appointment with us today or contact us to add your child to the list of students that will be attending one of our fall break programs. We are proud to serve clients in Jacksonville, St. Johns, Ponte Vedra, Atlantic Beach, and St. Augustine, as well as the surrounding communities.