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Comprehensive Summer Child Care in Jacksonville, FL

Don't allow your child to languish and backslide this summer. There is a solution that keeps your child happy and entertained while also helping him or her grow as a student. Bartram Academy is an eco-friendly child care facility that offers summer child care in Jacksonville, FL, when school is not in session. We design programs to keep your children entertained, active, and educated in a safe environment. Our professionals are here to stand in for you and make sure your child is flourishing creatively, academically, and socially.

While summer vacation is a welcome relief from school for nearly all children, many of them tend to lose some of the good habits that a school schedule helps reinforce. By attending a summer day camp program, your child can enjoy their summer vacation while maintaining enough of a schedule that they don’t completely fall out of their school-time habits. This makes it much easier for them to transition back into their normal school schedule once summer vacation ends.

Summer Day Care Expands Your Child's Horizons

Summer vacation should be a time when children of all ages can have a break from the stress and rigors of school and enjoy a few weeks of fun, sun, and social activities. Unfortunately, most parents don’t get the same summer vacation that their children do, so it can be difficult for parents to find enriching and safe activities for their children to enjoy. When you choose to send your child to our summer day care, we take all the stress out of planning their summer activities because we handle it all for you. Make the right decision for your child and your family when you decide to enroll him or her in our summer break programs. Because it is a time where traditional school is not in session, we are sure to throw in enough fun and excitement in the daily activities of our summer day camp schedule. Our teachers make sure your child spends time outside, learns about new sports, and is given time for plain old fun in our outdoor playground. With a number of innovative and safe play areas, including a playhouse full of toys and items for building, summer break will still be fun.

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Sibling Discounts for Summer Break Programs

Keep your children in one place this summer thanks to our sibling discounts for summer break programs. As a facility that is cares for young children and even infants, we are able to serve your entire family. If your other child attends our early childhood education program or you want to enroll all of your children in only summer day camp, we offer a sibling discount. For many children, spending time in a summer day care can be strange and scary if they don’t know anyone else in the program. By taking advantage of our sibling discount and enrolling all your children in our program, you can make sure they’re comfortable and happy throughout the summer. 

Our Location Is Safe and Eco-Friendly  

In late 2015, we moved in to our brand new, eco-friendly facility. Our organization has earned the distinction of being an "outstanding structure" on the Go Green Rating Scale for Early Childhood Settings. This means our facility has earned the highest marks in categories like air quality, green living, and cleaning products. By choosing our school for your child's summer break program, you will be limiting exposure to harmful environmental factors that are common in too many structures.

In addition to having a safe building, we take the time to educate every student about the environment and see summer break camp as the perfect time to appreciate what goes on outdoors in our area. It is the best time of year to see measurable results in our outdoor garden or to run simple science experiments concerning recycling or composting.

Contact us to enroll your child in our summer break solutions. We are proud to serve clients in Jacksonville, St. Johns, Ponte Vedra, Atlantic Beach, and St. Augustine, as well as the surrounding communities.