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From counting to drawing, every activity that takes place in our VPK is intentional. Our staff is properly trained in helping children that are four years old develop into young students ready to take on traditional education. Bartram Academy is a VPK in Jacksonville, FL, that encourages every child in their social and educational development.
In 2013, our VPK school was selected as Green Business of the Year for Northeast Florida by the U.S. Green Building Council. Take a tour of our school and let us show you why we are perfect for your family. We are here to guide your child throughout his or her development at this ever-important age of life.

Our Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Keeps You Involved

Stay involved in what your child is learning in their voluntary pre-kindergarten program with all of our take home projects. When your child works on a project in class, he or she will bring home any work completed during the year. We are always focusing on improving your child's learning and creative expression in a number of ways.

More Eco-Friendly than Other VPK Schools

Parents choose our academy for their first child and then have all of their children attend our programs because they are pleased with the results of our voluntary pre-kindergarten program. We are eco-friendly in all of our solutions. Your child will learn how to be community-minded, with an emphasis on the environmental impact of decisions. See for yourself how dedicated we are to creating a community when you visit our location for a tour.

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Following All State Standards for Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten

Just like there are educational standards for children in every grade, the state of Florida has made standards for voluntary pre-kindergarten. We make sure your child is learning in each of the domains which include:
• Physical Development: Helping with Classroom Routines, Making Healthy Food Choices, and Following Hygiene Routines
• Approaches to Learning: Showing Curiosity Concerning New Experiences, Sticking to a Task at Hand, and Learning from Experiences
• Social and Emotional Development: Growing in Independence, Following Simple Rules and Expressing Emotions the Right Way, and Solving Social Problems
• Language and Communication: Teaching Age Appropriate Vocabulary with the Regular Addition of New Words, Following Verbal Conversational Rules, and Showing Motivation for Reading including Understanding the Alphabet and Some Syllables
• Cognitive Development and General Knowledge: Showing Understanding of Mathematical Thinking, Exploring the Growth of Living Things and Environmental Awareness, and Understanding and Taking on Leadership Roles

Contact us today to learn more about enrolling your child in our voluntary pre-kindergarten program. We are proud to serve clients in Jacksonville, St. Johns, Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville Beach, and Neptune Beach, FL, as well as the surrounding communities.