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The early years of your child's life are formative in his or her brain development. The attitude your child has toward learning between the ages of three and four years old can drastically influence an attitude toward education for life. Bartram Academy is here to help your child learn, question the world, and find answers through the exploration in our preschool program. From rolling marbles down a ramp to learn about acceleration to artistic expression through several mediums, our preschool program encourages your young child to be a lifelong student. Unlike other preschools in Jacksonville, FL, our education is based on the Reggio Emilia method of schooling.

Little Girl Painting - Preschool Jacksonville FL

Preschool Program with a Building Designed for Learning

From recycled materials in our play area to tactile learning stations, open learning is encouraged as a part of our preschool education. We had the luxury of designing our structure to meet learning needs. Our open indoor learning spaces place an emphasis on collaboration. Children share toys, solve puzzles together, and also work in groups without even realizing it as they make good use of our indoor play areas.
We moved into our new building in 2015 and it was specifically designed to exceed expectations on the Go Green Rating Scale. We use energy efficient appliances, only use green cleaning products, and built our new structure with sustainability in mind. Your child's mind and body will develop without complication after you enroll in our preschool program.

Preschool Education Teachers Trained for Younger Children

A young child has a unique set of developmental concerns that are unlike those of infants and school-aged children. We never forget that the students in our school are young and have specific needs that include social, emotional, and physical considerations. Preschool education has the potential to transform a life. Our staff of teachers is trained to work with children that are three and four years of age. The preschool education teacher your child works with regularly takes time to:

• Build Basic Math Skills
• Read Children's Books to the Class
• Work on Projects That Have Many Steps  
• Foster Language and Literacy Development
• Share Traditions and Discuss Cultural Differences
• Encourage Your Child to Grow in His or Her Interests
• Talk About the Community and Compassion for Our Environment
• Teach Self-Expression Through Art
• Assign Duties like Watering the Plans
• Play Rhyming Games and Sing Along Songs
• Discuss the Role of Science All Around Us
• Listen to Music, Dance, and Simply Have Fun
• Manage Communication Skills and Self-Awareness
• Nurture Your Child and Respond with Compassion at All Times

Schedule an appointment with us today to tour our school or contact us concerning how we can provide your child with the right preschool education. We are proud to serve clients in Jacksonville, St. Johns, Ponte Vedra, Atlantic Beach, and St. Augustine, as well as the surrounding communities.